The Starting Line

I am a reader of the “Manosphere”.

If I be so bold, I might be the one who is most familiar of the sphere.  For the breadth of the manosphere as well as the depth of the short history.  Even before the blogs ever existed, its first elements of its central denominator of thinking was apparent at Sosuave and Tucker Max boards and I lurked there reading its knowledge and wisdom.  I saw the earlier days of when Heartiste was call “Roissy in DC”, the rise and fall of “In Mala Fide”, the beginning days of “The Spearhead”, and so many other little corners.

When I first stumbled on this knowledge, it was somewhere a bit earlier than 6 years ago as of today at the age of 17.  Back then, fitting to the term  used back then of “average frustrated chump”, I was knew the existence of the term friendzone and was trying to Google of how to avoid falling to that trap as I recognize the girl was developing to more than an edge-of-my-little world acquaintance then realizing she is cute and was starting to like her.

Honestly, this knowledge with genuine implementation should make me a pimp right?  To be something along Vincent Ignatius and Kraussuer.  I’m not.

What I found instead was a forum with very much the same ideas shared as the common denominator in all the blogs: game, influence of feminism, and self-improvement.  Another common line spoken is “red pill” and the lifetime of indoctrination makes changing one thinking and ideas painful.  I felt lucky to be reading at 17 to avoid such mental struggle.  Perhaps use it to the advantage instead of wandering to the mid to late 20’s and 30’s.

Now fast forward to 23 with only a few days left to 24.  Was life lived to the examples of the bloggers of RooshV or FreedomTwentyFive?  More than enough time have passed to implement such changes and at an earlier point… like earlier than age 25.  Now I am finding myself moving to the “mid-twenties” category and now finding that I am either borderline or not at all belong with the title “youngest”.  With a few manosphere blogs with younger bloggers and obviously many commentators who now are younger.  While the biggest names remains a number of years older to when they started, this is not ideal.

It’s time to introspect and reassess.  It’s time to lay everything out in the open rather than improve one more aspect.  While unlikely anyone will swoop in to read – especially in one of the first posts of the blog rather than later posts – such thought needs to be put it.  And maybe, just maybe, the thoughts and observations will get validated or rebuked.  Perhaps someone will come in and point thoughts that such thoughts kept me from full implementation.

So the first couple of posts here will be self-assessments, re-occurring thoughts, and the use of a few examples of people of how everything fits.  Hopefully with that, the 24th year can go forward covering the missing parts.


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